iTunes is probably the most widely used podcast subscription system for users who prefer to use their iPod, iPad, or iPhone devices to listen to podcasts. It’s easy to use, and included on all Apple devices for free. Just click the link above, and you’ll be directed to our home in the iTunes store with a big subscribe button. Once subscribed, episodes will auto-download to your device or devices of choice.


Stitcher Radio:

Stitcher is an app available for both IOS and Android devices, as well as usable from any web browser. What makes Stitcher so unique is their ability to build playlists of podcasts, so if you really like to listen to talk radio while at work, and comedy while driving, you can build right playlists. Stitcher will also suggest other shows that fit into your playlist based on suggestions from other users’ playlist information.

If iTunes is the “standard” for Apple devices, is the “standard” for the rest of the world. They offer online access, as well as an Android app to make for easy offline playback. If you want something quick and easy to use, look no further.


Anything Else:

If you have a favorite podcasting tool, that’s the link to just paste in to get all of our audio shows. If you don’t have a favorite tool, just visit that link from any web-browser. It will offer a whole bunch of options for you.

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